• The use method and advantages of PVC decorative foil/film(Thermofoil)

    How to use PVC decorative film, as follows: 1. There are two different materials for PVC decorative film and plain film, which are suitable for hand sticking, flat sticking and vacuum press; 2. The material for flat laying is suitable for lamination by hand or mechanical roller coating. 3. Vacuum...
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  • 2023 Chinese New Year Holidays Notice

    2023 Chinese New Year Holidays Notice

    For all our dear business partners: Thanks for your support in the last year. We really appreciate it! Nowadays the Chinese New Year is coming. And we’ll be on holiday from 21th to 27th this month. If anything need to confirm or ask please drop me a message. I’ll reply ASAP. Urgency p...
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  • PVC Vacuum Press Membrane Foil’s Future

    Use of PVC blister film: PVC vacuum press film is a kind of polymer vacuum press film, which is generally used for decoration and maintenance of furniture. When buying cabinets, wardrobes, and solid wood desks, a layer of PVC vacuum press film can be attached to prevent sharp Abrasion, corrosion ...
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  • What is Profile Wrapping Machine…

    The following is a brief introduction to what charter flights are and how charter flights work The coating machine is suitable for the production of PVC, decorative paint paper, and solid wood veneer on the surface of various lines such as wood, aluminum-plastic profiles, and foam materials. Inst...
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  • PVC Foil/Thermofoil Finished Cabinets’ Doors

    PVC Foil/Thermofoil Finished Cabinets’ Doors

    When we choose a product, we pay more attention to its quality and appearance. Whether the product is attractive or not affects the sales of the product to a large extent. PVC blister cabinet doors are not only beautiful in appearance, but also of good quality. PVC blister film is a kind of decor...
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    For inexpensive bathroom  PANEL design ideas, why not turn to stencils? The project will require some patience and effort, but will be much cheaper than the real thing and you will be proud of what you have achieved. Once the stencils are down and dry, be sure to protect your hard work from splas...
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  • Control points of PVC film vacuum blister film pressing process

    PVC film lamination technology is very important in the home industry, especially in the production of door panels and cabinets. The medium and high density substrates are processed into various linear shapes and then blistered with various matte high-gloss, monochrome, wood grain, and skin-feel ...
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  • Introduction to the working principle of vacuum special-shaped hot press

    Introduction to the working principle of vacuum special-shaped hot press

    As an important equipment in the pressure process, the vacuum special-shaped hot press is often used in the veneer and pressure forming parts of furniture manufacturing. Its production capacity and technical performance limit the production scale and product quality of the enterprise. In order to...
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  • PVC Film Hot Glue And Cold Glue Profile Wrapping

    1. High working efficiency. The process of cold glue determines that the coating speed is generally low. The hot glue coating products do not need to be stored and observed, and the speed is much faster than that of the cold glue machine. The production efficiency of the hot melt glue coating equ...
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  • National Day Holiday Notice

    National Day Holiday Notice

    To all our Clients: To celebrate China’s National Day. We’ll have a 7-day holiday from 10.1 to 10.7. We’ll be back on 8th Oct. If any questions,please leave us a message. We’ll deal it once we see it. HEBEI GEBOYU COMMERCE CO., LTD Thanks for all our clients support. Wish ...
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  • Process Characteristics Of PUR Hot Glue Profile Wrapping Machine

    1. The production speed is fast, 0-60 meters; the glue used per square is about 30 grams, no need to clean the plastic box, and the use is more stable and environmentally friendly. 2. After the PVC/aluminum profile is coated and compounded, the PVC is bonded in place, with good formability and no...
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  • Precautions for using the Profile wrapping machine

    Precautions for using the Profile wrapping machine

    1. After the use of the Profile wrapping machine, the glue remaining in the glue box should be cleaned in time, so as not to affect the future use. 2. The Profile wrapping machine should be placed on dry and flat cement ground for operation. 3. In case of equipment failure, contact the manufactur...
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