Furniture is an essential symbol of home and office. Although the furniture itself has no emotion, combined with interior design can express the owner's professional characteristics, aesthetic interest and cultural literacy. Our design team extracts the important elements and integrates them according to the development trend of interior design, and launch a series of products in each new season to meet customers' requirements for industry trends.
Applications: Furniture, Interior doors, Kitchen cabinets, Bathroom cabinets.
Material: PVC
Processing type: Vacuum press, Wrapping, Flat lamination
Properties: Stain-resistance, Mechanical strength, Malleable
Surface: MDF, MLB, Chipboard. Foam board
Thickness: 0.18mm, 0.25mm,0.30mm,0.35mm
Width: 1260mm, 1400mm
Roll length: 100-300 linear meters (depending on film thickness)
MOQ 1000 - 5000 linear meters (depending on design required)

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