Soft touch decorative pvc film- new design

Short Description:

Model: S1018-1

Appearance:Soft touch;

Specifications:General thickness: 0.18mm- 0.30mm Width: 1260mm, 1400mm.  Or as your request;

MOQ: from 3000 liner meters per color;

Packing: 100 m/ roll, Kraft paper woven bag composite outer packaging + pearl cotton lining

Application: furniture,  Interior doors, kitchen cabinets, Bathroom cabinet , Wall Panel and so on.

Product Detail

The design of S1018 series is inspired by. The design of the S1018 series is inspired by the ocean. Each embossed unit is like tiny bubbles in the sea, representing vitality. The continuous micro-bubble embossing can not only increase the ductility of the space but also highlight the three-dimensional effect, making the decoration style dignified and modern. 

  The film (foil) is very suitable for furniture panels, interior doors, wall panels and other interior design applications. It can be applied in a variety of ways, using vacuum pressing or flat lamination or using a wrapping technique.

  As a lamination coating film in pvc,  also comes in the following versions: scratch-resistant , soft touch, matte.

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