Geboyu Company has resumed work on 27-th March

In January 2020, a sudden epidemic disrupted everyone’s rhythm. In order to effectively prevent and control the rapidly spread of epidemic, we had to stay home and delay time back to work. After two months of efforts, we finally achieved initial results in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In order to continue to service for the general customers, Geboyu Company has resumed business on 27-th March. In order to cooperate with the prevention and control of the COVID-2019, the company has taken active actions to strengthen the disinfection work in offices and public places. The company has been equipped with thermometer, disinfectant and hand sanitizer . Before entering the office area, every one needs to measure body temperature and disinfect with alcohol.

Before resuming work and production, our company in accordance with the guidelines on prevention and control issued by relevant departments, carry out epidemic prevention and control on the equipment and facilities in public places such as workshops and places where people gather. We will strengthen the inspection of production safety and the screening of hidden dangers before resuming production and work. In accordance with the principle of screening first and then resuming production and work, we will carry out centralized and comprehensive safety inspections of production equipment, facilities and the operating environment to ensure that all of them are covered and there are no omissions.Check whether the equipment and facilities of the production system are fully and safely overhauled and tested to ensure good and effective operation.

As a company with a sense of social responsibility, we will continue to follow closely the development of the epidemic, provide assistance for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and convey our feelings and responsibilities with warm faith, so as to help the motherland win the war without smoke at an early date.

Post time: Apr-24-2020

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