Analysis of demand for PVC products

PVC has a wide range of uses, mainly divided into two categories: hard products and soft products. There are many products, and they are used in various fields of daily consumption.
Among them, pipes and fittings are the areas with the largest consumption of PVC in my country, accounting for about 36% of the total consumption of PVC.
Profiles, doors and windows are the second largest consumption areas, accounting for about 14% of the total PVC consumption, mainly used for making doors and windows and energy-saving materials.
In addition, PVC is also widely used in floor, wallboard and other plates, films, rigid sheets and other sheets, soft products and other fields.
Therefore, PVC products are mainly used as building materials. Real estate, building decoration and other fields are the largest downstream of PVC products. 
The demand for pipe fittings and building materials led by profiles dominates.

Post time: Jul-14-2022

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